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SoePay App Overview

Major features

Button iconNameDescription
SaleA basic point-of-sale to initiate a transaction.
HistoryStore all the transaction records, receipt reissue, refund and void.
StatisticView your business insight daily, weekly, monthly or year and payment types.
Manage POS itemsEditable product list with price.
Switch shopA floating cashier for exhibition or event purpose. And, admin user can view different shops or branches' business insight anytime.
HelpGeneral faq and service support.
MoreExtend App setting β€” account information overview, account setting etc.


Launcher provides all daily use shortcuts for easy access just in one-click.



sale Sale initiate a transaction with various payment instruments, such as credit card (Visa and MasterCard contactless, apple pay, google pay & samsung pay), QR wallet (Alipay & WeChat Pay) and cash in Hong Kong.

To know more the sale operation β†’


history History store all the transaction records. You can browse the record by trace, transaction type or status, payment method and date by filter function.

Moreover, you also can review the transaction details, reissue e-receipt and make a refund or void indeed.


To know more the history operation β†’


statistic Statistic can summarize and convert the transaction records into chart to help you analysis your business more easily.


To know more the statistic operation β†’

Manage POS items

pos Point of sale allow you to develop a custom product list to and sale with shopping cart by scanning barcode or order in the product menu to speed up the checkout procedure.


To know more the POS operation β†’

Switch shop

The SoePay app's ![switchshop-blue] switch shop feature breakthrough the traditional POS concept β€” it allows business owner and shop admin can monitor each branch real-time business insight on the spot via the switch shop function.

This feature is flexible to using at exhibition booth, seasonal event and pop up store... it is not only limit on saving the device rental, setup fee and no LAN wire setup issue, also can separate the business insight of shop and event base sale data.


To know more the shop switch operation β†’


General SoePay app troubleshooting answer and the contact of our service support.



Extend features of SoePay app setting, account management and app theming... like the most update account setting overview, app languages, change login password etc.


Support payment

SoePay App already certified below payment scheme.

Payment Scheme