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APOLLO hardware

What's on APOLLO

Apollo intro 01

Apollo intro 02

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Hardware guide

Taking payment

ContactlessScan QR
Tap CardScan QR
Insert cardSwipe card
Insert CardSwipe Card

Install the battery

1. Press and hold the door knob at the back.2. Slide the back cover out.
Install battery step 1Install battery step 2
3. Plug the battery pack to the socket.4. Close the back cover.
Install battery step 3Install battery step 4

Charging the battery

The APOLLO uses USB type-C for connection and charging. Plug in the cable to the side to start charging. Power up Apollo

Connecting with Wi-Fi

  1. Slide down the control menu from the top. Long press the Wi-Fi icon wifi to open up the menu.
  2. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. Then press CONNECT.

Connecting with cellular network (Mini SIM/ SAM card)

1. Press and hold the door knob at the back.2. Slide the back cover out.
Unlock battery coverOpen battery cover
3. Insert the Mini SIM/ SAM card to correct card slot.4. Close the back cover.
Insert SIM/SAM cardInstall battery step 4

Identify the SIM card type The APOLLO only support mini SIM card, please make sure your card is in correct card type before install. SIM card type

Insert paper roll

1. Lift up the paper tray lever.2. Pull the paper tray lever backward.
Insert Paper Roll step 1Insert Paper Roll step 2
3. Place the paper roll into the tray as shown.4. Close the paper tray cover.
Insert Paper Roll step 3Insert Paper Roll step 4