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Receipt sample

Basic receipt sample

Sale without signatureSale with signature
sale with signsale without sign

Sale receipt sample

Sale by contactless cardSale by IC cardSale by swipe card / manual entry card number
sale with cardsale with EMVsale with swipe
Sale by QRSale by QR walletSale by cash
sale with qrsale with qr walletsale with cash

F&B receipt sample

F&B Sale receipt sample

F&B Sale by card
sale with f&b

Tip adjustment receipt sample

Tip adjustment
sale adjust

Auth receipt sample

Auth by contactless cardAuth by IC cardAuth by swipe card / manual entry card number
auth card nfcauth card EMVauth card swipe
Offline sale
offline sale

Refund receipt sample

Refund a card saleRefund a QR sale
refund card salerefund qr

Void receipt sample

Void a sale receipt sample

Void a sale by cardVoid a sale by QR wallet
void cardvoid qr

Void a F&B sale receipt sample

Void a F&B sale with tip
void f&b

Void an auth receipt sample

Void a offline saleVoid a refund
void offline salevoid refund

Reprint receipt sample

Reprint a transaction receipt