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MARS overview

MARS (Merchant & Acquirer Revenue System) is designed for terminal owner, merchants, shop managers or shop operators. MARS let you manage your terminals and sales revenue remotely or on the spots.

The merchant dashboard in MARS displays the aggregated and omnichannel transaction data β€” whether it is a credit card or a mobile wallet purchase.


Transaction history

Transactions history of Visa, Mastercard, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay and mobile wallets in one dashboard.

Reports and sales summary

Query transactions and create your own reports

Receipts and customer signature store

Store your transaction receipts and customer signatures for accounting or in case of disputes.

User management

Manage users under terminal owners, merchants or shops.

Permission control

Role-based permission system let you create roles, assign them to users and control who can do what.

dashboard transaction

Shop management

shop info

The shop management in MARS let you update your shop details such as logo printed on receipts and user access remotely.

Terminal management (For APOLLO only)

Real-time monitor and control of the terminal fleet

MARS let you monitor APOLLO status in real-time. MARS regularly gather device information e.g., GPS location, battery level, installed App, memory usage, and device health from the devices. MARS can push messages and lock the devices remotely etc. The remote control in MARS allows the support team to diagnosis APOLLO remotely.


Realtime monitoring

Monitor different status of APOLLO - location, battery level, memory usage, WiFi SSID or 3G/4G network connected, installed Apps version in realtime.

Remote update

Remotely update Apps over the air (OTA). You can set the update schedule or priority.

Geo-fencing / Geo-tracking

Get notification or even make your APOLLO only operational in a designated geolocation. MARS also maintain a history of records about the physical location of APOLLO.

Message pushing

Send text message or rich media to APOLLO with latest software update, notification or promotional offers.

Remote lock

Lock your APOLLO for payment transaction in case of fraudulent or critical compliance breach.

Operation logs

All operations on your APOLLO by MARS will be logged for security and audit purposes.

App marketplace (For APOLLO only)

App marketplace info

APOLLO is Android-based, and it works seamlessly with many apps that you are already using and love β€” from ordering, reporting, customer relationship management, and more for your every need. The App marketplace allows merchant to manage and download Apps flexibly.