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Usage of user management?

Though the user management and permission control, you can control all of your staff accounts via different permission level flexiblity.

On MARS, the merchant account user can create user account for his staffs and assign a role permission to him to control the merchant and/or any shop accounts.

Default permission levelAccess rightPermission description
AdminFull controlFull control of that organisation type.
EditorEdit onlyCan edit the information of that organisation type. But haven’t create and remove right.
ViewerView onlyOnly can view the information of that organisation.

What is the different between merchant and shop accounts? Hierarchy

  • Merchant is designated for business owner to control all shop account under the same merchant. So, it can edit partical information of his account and full control of his all shop accounts, user accounts & permission control.
  • Shop is designated for shop manager & shop keeper daily operation. So, it can edit partical information of shop account only. And, he has full control to manage his staff's user account(s).

How to set up user account's permission →

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