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How to register

How to get a free trial account

  1. Open SoePay App, press start free trial.


  2. Enter the your name, email and set up password. Then, press register.

    register register success

  3. Go to your email account and press activate now to activate your account. At the meantime, it will redirect to SoePay App.

    activation email

  4. Login to SoePay app.


  5. Enter your shop information and press confirm to setup your shop.

    create shop

    > If you have more than one shop, please read how to add shop account β†’

  6. Get start to make a sale now!

    quick launch

How to make a sale β†’

How to upgrade account (for free trial account only)

  1. Open SoePay App, press More at the bottom navigation bar.


  2. In the shop section, press Upgrade on the row of the subscription plan.

    account upgrade

  3. You can browse the SoePay TOPS plan details. After that, press Apply now to enter the application process.


  4. Click the checkbox if you agree with our merchant agreement, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. For those agreement and terms details, you can press the name to read on browser.


  5. Press the upload photo take or upload your Hong Kong identity card by camera, photo album or pdf.


  6. Input your information ie. name, id card no., role etc. Then, press Next.


  7. Press the upload photo take or upload your company BR by camera, photo album or pdf.


  8. Input your company information into the corresponding field. Then, press Next.


  9. Enter your company estimated annual turnover amount, estimated ratio of local customer, take or upload your shop front door or signage, cashier and product display or price menu pictures. After that, press Next.


  10. Optionally, you can input the daily operation information for your app account display, receipt header and report recipient email. Press Next.


    If you want to fill it later, you input/edit those information on MARS merchant portal in the future.

  11. After that, provide your company bank information for the settlement account. Then, press Next.


  12. Select which payment acceptance you want, and check your application information. After that, press Confirm and submit.

    submit submit

  13. After re-login the account, you will see the application status Pending is shown.


    Optionally, you can login to MARS merchant postal and check your application status at Upgrade application history from the sidebar Shop.


If you would like to upgrade your account via email, please contact our custmer service by [email protected].

How to registration (For subscription user only)

  1. Open SoePay App, press Register card app.


  2. If the Card payment app is not installed, press Install in the dialog.

    installation alert box

  3. It redirects to the Play Store for the app. Press Install.

    download card app

  4. For the first time registration, it is required to grant the permissions of storage, location, microphone and camera.

    registration snapshot

  5. It performs several checks and attestations to ensure the device, application and location are secured during the progress.

    registration snapshot

  6. Register success is shown when the registration completed. Now, you can make a sale via the SoePay App!

    registration success